The milk of human kindness

Frankston’s Milkman Café doesn’t just deliver on excellent coffee, delicious food and top-class customer service – it’s also bringing joy to the life of a young Kenyan boy.


Milkman’s wait staff, baristas and chefs are donating part of their wages to 12-year-old orphan Alex Mugo (pictured) through Go Beyond All Borders, a mission organisation that helps orphans, children and families in need by providing hope, love and practical support.  It was founded by Caz Holmes - who also happens to be the mother of Milkman’s operations manager, Casey Holmes.

“GBAB at the end of the day are the ones doing the great work,” Casey says.  “We as a café are just a small part of the community helping out.

“As a Milkman family we wanted to make a difference, so all the staff got together and decided on sponsoring a child from Africa. Alex unfortunately lost both of his parents due to HIV/AIDS. He’s a bright young boy who likes dancing, playing basketball and hopes to be a telecommunication engineer when he grows up.  We saw a great opportunity and wanted to help.”

To find out more, visit @GBAB Go Beyond All Borders on Facebook, email Caz Holmes at [email protected] or call Caz on 0416 254 646.



A: 8 Kananook Creek Blvd, Frankston


INSTA: @themilkmancafe

FB: @themilkmancafe


A CHAT WITH OUR FOOD, WINE, AND DINING EXPERTS John Christou – Beach Café Seaford, 1/10N Nepean Highway, Pier Foreshore, Seaford


John Christou has been head chef at the Beach Café Seaford for four years and has worked in the industry for 23 years. John has certificates 3 and 4 in Commercial Cookery, Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and a Diploma of Hospitality Management – so you’re in very talented hands.

 Please describe your menu selections at the Beach Café Seaford.

Menu selections are fresh, modern and cater for all customers’ dietary requirements 

What trend are you loving at the moment?

I enjoy the trend that Melbourne at the moment has become more of a breakfast/brunch place. A lot of places and chefs are re-creating some old dishes from years gone by, and are now putting their own twists on them.

For those who aren't familiar with your restaurant, give us some insight into what makes you different.

Our venue is located right on the beach, and our greatest asset would be our view, combined with my wealth of knowledge about flavours, textures and balance. I aim to make our customers’ taste buds dance with pleasure.

Please tell us a little about your professional background?

I have been in the industry for 23 years and have owned cafes and restaurants in Melbourne.  I have also worked as a head chef in some of Melbourne’s top restaurants and function centres.

What is your style in the kitchen?

I'm a hands-on chef. I love to be on the tools.  People have often said to me that my style is large and in charge. I'm always up for a challenge.

What ingredient do you love using in your summer dishes?

I love to use roquette, berries and all stone fruits.  They all work well together, and are a delight and refreshing. I also like to use a lot of seafood, fresh fish and crustaceans.  I think that it is a complement, especially being on the beach.

What do your customers love about your menu?

I believe that the customers love the uniqueness of using fresh and local produce in my menu, and on my weekly specials.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like to spend time with my kids and family.  I'm also a very keen fisherman.  I really enjoy fishing and look forward to the opportunity every time I get to go out on the water to wet a line.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love to create dishes, sauces and food in general.  I have a real passion for the industry.  I thrive in fast-paced, high-volume turnover and believe that once you have your preparations and organisation in place, you could face and produce many meals. We as chefs are like artists.  Our blank canvas is our plate; we create, design and put our own twist on that plate.

Any advice for aspiring chefs?

It is a very hard industry, and we never stop learning.  You have to learn to have a thick skin.  I abide by four rules that have helped me through my career: be impeccable with your work; don't take anything personally; don't make assumptions; and always do your best.

Learn the craft of relaxation By Kate Sears

 We don’t have to tell you that summer is all about your contentment and the outdoors, but we will tell you where to experience it all in one beautiful location.

The Craft & Co Farm in Bangholme, just minutes from Frankston near Patterson River, is a 16ha working winery and vineyard that abounds with outdoor activities to refresh your senses, from a walk in the botanicals and kitchen garden to a picnic on the grass or a game of bocce.  Make sure you visit the onsite cellar door, café and bar to indulge your taste buds too.


There's plenty of space for the kids to run around and try their hand at volleyball or soccer while you relax with a glass of wine from the Farm’s new range, and don’t forget to pick up a cellar door pack – they make excellent Christmas gifts.

The Craft & Co Farm is open Thursday to Saturday from 9am-5.30pm and Sundays from 11am-5pm. 


A: 170 Riverend Rd, Bangholme

T: 9773 4880



Summer’s social at Southside


Summer is here! Warm nights filled with friends, upbeat music and drinks by the dozen. 


Put on your dancing shoes because Southside Social has now launched Southside Sundowners, the perfect excuse to extend your Saturday. Starting from 9pm, all the cocktails are only $12 each - or if you’re more inclined towards the odd Corona or five, or maybe even a vino, they’re only $6 a pop!

With DJs spinning beats ‘til late, Southside’s supplying liquid treats to keep you going. Try the Passionfruit & White Chocolate Martini, Sherbert Mojito or a Bubblegum Sour. You’ll find every flavour to quench your thirst - perfect to wash down the mouthwatering burgers or fancy fries. And if you haven’t tried Southside’s Mac n Cheese nuggets yet, you haven’t lived!



A: 433 Nepean Highway, Frankston

FB: @southsidesocial

INSTA: @southsidesocial


Café’s one of a kind By Kate Sears

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.20.34 am.png

Enjoy all-day breakfast on weekends at One Pear Tree café, serving great food and a quality selection of wines and beers including some Mornington Peninsula varieties.

This recently renovated house has been turned into a quaint but trendy café.  It has a lovely alfresco area and a garden setting that’s simply inviting you to drop in for a coffee and bite to eat. It’s a cosy and homely atmosphere with eating areas in separate rooms, including a dining room seating up to 12 people for business meetings or private dining next to a gorgeous open fire. One Pear Tree also has a delightful selection of homewares and gifts.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.19.58 am.png

“There’s a lovely walk along Kananook Creek towards our café from the beach and pier,” says owner Jane. “We also welcome bike riders and people travelling along the Nepean Highway to grab a coffee on their way to work.”

One Pear Tree is ideally located close to the centre of Frankston, with parking at the rear. This friendly café is open 7am-4pm seven days a week and will be staying open until 8.30pm on Fridays starting in January, serving tapas, light meals and cheese boards.

A: 372 Nepean Highway, Frankston
T: 9781 0077
FB: @onepeartree


Bearing the baton for Frankston By Andrea Kellett

A respected elder of the Boon Wurrung people and a Peninsula soldier dedicated to supporting young war veterans will run as feature bearers in the Frankston leg of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay.

Christopher May.png

N'arweet Carolyn Briggs and Christopher May - creator of Young Veterans - are among 18 baton bearers who will make their way to the Frankston Waterfront when the relay passes through the city on Sunday, February 11.

Across the country, 3800 baton bearers are expected to carry the baton during the 100-day countdown to the April 4 opening ceremony. They were nominated by their peers for achievements and contributions to their community.

For Mr May, a veteran of two missions to Afghanistan, it’s a “great honour” and an opportunity to send his message to young veterans that “you can go on to do great things if you choose”. He and his brother, Scott, co-founded Young Veterans and, through their ongoing dedication to the cause, they help save lives.

“The suicide rate is going up,” 28-year-old Mr May explained. “It’s more intrinsic in who we are trying to get our message to. We are trying to tell veterans that you’re not bound by who you are when you leave the Defence Force.”

Frankston’s baton bearers are N'arweet Carolyn Briggs, singer-songwriter Anthony Callea, Olympian Debbie Flintoff-King, Jane Jelekainen, Robert Kabbas, Dan Langelaan, Christopher May, Lisa McLeish, Sarah Miller, Tina Miller, Bailey Miller, Darren Murphy, Paul Olsson, Ray Peak, John Pingiaro, Matthew Rizzo, Trevor Vincent and Jake Ward.

The baton passes through Sorrento on Monday, February 12. More at


Chomp’s the champ By Kate Sears

Riley Murphy can tell you a lot about a burger, eating anywhere between three and six a week - or sometimes all in one day as his food-blogging alter ego Chompamatic.


His passion for food came before his love of photography, but now they are hand in hand (with a burger in between - #thatburgergrip). It all began when Riley/Chompamatic (or Chomp for short) started entering food challenges all over Melbourne.  Quickly this enthusiastic devourer earned the title of ‘professional eater’ and began taking photographs of all the mouthwatering and epically large food he was eating - think burgers much bigger than your head.  From there, the cheat meal expert naturally transitioned into food blogging.

Frankly Frankston has had the honour of watching Riley smash down a four-decker parma in just 10 minutes.  It was an impressive feat and a sight to behold.  But by day this food superhero is a plumber.  “I do all the plumbing maintenance at an abattoir where we basically make cheeseburgers all day.”

The burger scene has had a huge leap in popularity over the past few years.  Frankston born Riley puts the dramatic increase down to there being “so many combinations and ingredients to turn what was once a simplistic fast food into something pretty substantial and impressive”.


A highlight of his career was being welcomed with open arms (and huge plates) into restaurants, which is something he’s always grateful for.  The hospitality and opportunities that arise while living this lifestyle are astronomical.  “I’ve had so many amazing dining experiences and eaten some of the most epic meals you can imagine.”

Not to be cheesy, but Riley claims he’s just a regular guy who loves eating - and who doesn’t?  His celebrity status is growing, however; he’s getting recognised in the street and even got to meet his idol, Adam Richman, from the television show Man vs. Food. “The crazy thing was he knew who I was!”

It’s not all free food and fun times, though.  There’s a downside to the lifestyle that isn’t just the inevitable food coma.  It’s very demanding - it’s basically another full-time job.  Riley admits it cuts into his family time because he’s always out at food events, trialling different venues, completing photo shoots and food challenges, or simply promoting a new gastronomic delight.  “It’s a hectic schedule, but my loved ones are very understanding and support me 100 per cent.”

With Riley’s Instagram following at 24,000 and growing, we had to ask him why he thought food bloggers have emerged in their hundreds recently.  “We live in an age where everyone has such a huge appreciation for food and the passion behind it.  I think the combination of everyone having access to a camera on their phone and so many venues now pushing boundaries with all this awesomely presented food, it's such an easy transition for anyone to start up an account and become a blogger.”

For burgers overloaded with cheese and crispy bacon, make sure to hit ‘follow’ on Chomp’s Instagram at @chompamatic and follow him on Facebook.  Alternatively, if you’re a restaurant or food venue looking for reviews or help running your social media account, he’s your man.

Blog opens a new chapter in Paige’s life story By Kate Sears

A confluence of circumstances led Paige Ellis to her impressive side career. In fact, she was one of the original Melbourne food bloggers on Instagram.


Her passion for food and photography flowed separately, until her love for the power of social media flourished and her urge to create something big came knocking. Her boyfriend at the time was a budding photographer who captured everything, and thus she began to style her food and present it like a piece of art just for the photograph.

“This all happened when Instagram really ‘kicked off’. The growing café culture with the help of social media exemplified this appealing lifestyle which everyone wants to be a part of and experience,” said Paige.

From here, she anonymously created a food blog that anyone could use as a reference point to check out where to eat breakfast if they were ready to discover a new scrumptious delight with artistic flair. She began by eating out every Sunday morning and expanded her knowledge by trying new and exciting cafes.

“I never really thought anything big would come from this but little did I know I’m one of Melbourne’s most influential food bloggers! #What?”

Paige is regularly asked to review cafes and restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula and her day job is also based around social media for an agency. You could say she’s in a constant world of hashtags and delectable treats - not that she’s complaining at all.


The first time she was invited to eat out at a café without paying truly validated her work. It opened the first page into the food blogging world. Getting invited to events and VIP launches was always a thrilling and mouth-watering experience. However, she takes pleasure in sharing her foodie opportunities with her friends and family because, after all, that’s what eating out is all about. “There are lots of perks having a food blog in Melbourne, as we are legitimately the capital of the brunching lifestyle.”

Paige puts the increase in food blogging down to a variety of factors, including, lifestyle, food experience, digital diary habits, passion of food loves and the aesthetic of dishes currently saturating the food world. “This is something I love doing so I don’t see it as an extra chore or something hard to maintain. If you have a dream or a passion in a field you’re interested in, don’t hold back; make it happen, as it’s something which will keep you smiling and inspired all day.”

Paige’s ultimate foodie goal is to open her own social media agency specialising in the hospitality field – and we’ll volunteer as taste-testers!

For your next brunch inspiration, visit @breakfast_adventures on Instagram or enlist Paige’s help for your own restaurant.

Delicious delights among the dunes

nov ff.jpeg

Just a short walk towards Seaford Pier, and housed in the famous, award-winning Seaford Surf Life Saving Club building, is Beach Cafe Seaford.

Perched among the dunes overlooking the beautiful, ever-changing Seaford beach, this little cafe is just the place to meet friends and family, be it for breakfast or lunch, with weekly specials, scrumptious cakes and cookies, hot chocolates, or your daily coffee with friendly, attentive service. 

Its menu is sure to delight with tantalising dishes for breakfast, including superfood energy pudding, banana and pecan bread, rustic crepes, eggs benedict or sweet corn and zucchini fritters. If you’re feeling especially lavish, the Beach Café donuts or Belgium waffles are to die for.

If you’ve worked up an appetite after your morning stroll on the beach, relax inside with a lunch of penne espaniola that has pasta adorned in roasted peppers, black olives, chorizo sausage and napoli sauce. Or if the scenery has you craving seafood, try the café’s fish and chips or signature crispy lemon pepper calamari served with aioli, a herb salad and delicious beer-battered fries.

Caffeine addicts can’t go wrong either. Why not grab a coffee on the deck or take one away while you explore the beach and foreshore?  The dolphins are free.


A: 1/10N Nepean Highway, Pier Foreshore Reserve, Seaford

T: 8774 0470 


A CHAT WITH OUR FOOD, WINE & DINING EXPERTS Deon Jansen – Ad Hoc Mount Eliza, 1/84 Mt Eliza Way, Mount Eliza


Tell us a little about your background?

I spent two years working at a well-known Peninsula winery as head chef.

Previously I was the head chef at the very well known Oxo Tower Brasserie in London for 16 years, where I learnt to cook food from many different countries. I love to cook with spice and mixing different textures in my dishes.

Why did you choose Mount Eliza?

We loved the village feel to Mount Eliza; it seemed to have a strong community feel to it. With great independent shops we knew it would be a good spot for a new café bistro to open.

What’s on the menu right now that we should know about?

Spring and summer are my favourite times of the year. Think fresh vibrant flavours, heritage tomatoes, local asparagus, broad beans and lots of cool salads. Check out our grilled spiced calamari with roasted tomato, shaved fennel salad, Mt Zero olives and rocket aioli; sweet corn zucchini fritters with crispy bacon, green pea feta smash, poached egg and kasundi relish; crispy pork belly with roasted candied peanuts, Asian slaw, sticky soy and Korean chili dressing; and smoked salmon open herb omelette with heritage tomatoes, asparagus, goats’ curd and sourdough.

What’s your most popular dish?

Our most popular item is the avocado smash with daikon radish, hazelnut dukka, Red Hill goats’ curd, poached egg and micro herbs.

What do you love to do on the Peninsula when not at work?

I love to go riding my mountain bike up at Red Hill, and spending time on the beach and in my pool with family cooking a great barbecue is hard to beat! I just love the Peninsula.


Food - Wine – Coffee

A: 1/84 Mt Eliza Way, Mount Eliza

T: 9017 6433


Burgers and brews by Kate Sears


American tasty cheese oozes out of the burger as we hear the crunch of the deep-fried mac’n’cheese patties surrounding the burger as its buns. Oh yes, we’re in heaven.  Frankly Frankston was spoilt for choice with decadent spiked shakes, sweet cocktails, cheesy burgers, fancy fries, sides and bites to get our cravings met.

Food-lovers’ paradise is right here in Frankston. For burgers and brews with an on-point atmosphere and licensed outdoor seating for those warm summer nights, look no further. Graffiti art adorns the walls throughout the many seating areas, and when the music’s pumping it’s a true bar.

If socialising is on the cards, a DJ drops beats every Friday and Saturday night as you get to satisfy the food cravings that drinking inevitably brings in the same location as your bevvies. ‘Social Fridays’ feature $12 cocktails, $12 Fatty 5-0 burgers, $6 house wines and $6 Coronas. These deals are on all day from 11am-1am and give you no excuse to not be social after a long week of work – come on, you deserve it!

“The messier, the better,” says Assad, the owner of Southside Social in Frankston and Southside Central in Windsor. “We invite you to create your own style of burgers too. It’s the great thing about Southside as you can add anything you want, from waffles to an extra patty or two – it’s your choice to make it as messy as you want.”

Gluten-free buns are available, but if gluten is your friend the waffles are crazy! They’re laden with sweet treats and presented like that Insta-worthy shot you’ve been hanging out for. Espresso martinis are at the smashing price of $12 all day, every day. But if a frothy is more your style, there are Beer Buckets flowing for $30, which gets you four Melbourne Bitter stubbies to wash down your bodacious burgers.

The team at Southside Social love Instagram and will double tap your foodie shots. Tag them in your most creative experience at one of their outlets for your chance to win a $100 Southside voucher. With one winner chosen every week and announced each Monday, it’s your chance to preach the fact that calories don’t count on the weekend.

If you’re a home body, you can still enjoy Southside Social’s mouthwatering options as takeaways from 11am-5pm seven days a week. If you’ve worked up an appetite at your 9-5, the $15 lunch special is available weekdays for pick-up or eat in. Simply phone 0424 187 206 and order a burger or a shake - we dare you to pick just one item.

A: 433 Nepean Highway, Frankston
T: 0424 321 433
FB: @southsidesocial
INSTA: @southsidesocial


Northside Vegan Cheesey $15

Chompamatic shot at Southside Social.jpg

This vegan burger left us with no feeling of missing out. Complete with its house-made vegan cheddar cheese that tastes like traditional cheese, it’s every vegan’s dream! The protein-packed patty made with vegetables, tofu and walnuts perfectly complemented the subtle flavours of the lettuce, dill pickle, onion, ketchup and mayo on the toasted white damper-style bun. Its size rivalled the meat-based burgers as we got the holy burger grip sorted.

Big Bad Mac Daddy $16

If you’re not keen on spending your dough on dough, and lettuce burgers aren’t your thang, this one is for you. With buns of crispy fried mac’n’cheese croquettes, you’re smashing your dairy quota for the day, right? Between these golden nuggets of heaven, there’s a juicy beef patty, double cheese oozing out from under the lettuce, and it’s finished off with mac daddy special sauce.


“Southside Social would have to be one of the coolest burger joints around Frankston. With wall-to-wall graffiti work, pumping tunes, a huge bar, and an impressive menu selection full of burgers, sides, desserts and shakes, this place literally has it all” – Riley Murphy, food blogger & professional food eater aka @chompamatic

Cheers to our beers, wines and ciders

Peninsula VineHop Festival - Image - Festival goer laughing.jpg

The Mornington Peninsula can now lay claim to its own beer, wine and cider festival.
On the weekend of November 18-19, the first Peninsula VineHop Festival will showcase some of our most popular venues while also shining the spotlight on lesser-known hidden gems.

Event producer Lisa MacGregor says the festival will bring together wineries, microbreweries and cideries in a fun-filled weekend so people can experience the diversity of the Peninsula.  “It is not just another wine festival; there is something to excite craft beer lovers, pinot drinkers and cider sippers,” Lisa says.

The festival will come to life at Blue Range Estate Wines, Dromana Estate, Hickinbotham Estate and Hix Beer, Merricks General Wine Store at Baillieu, Mock Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Nazaaray Estate Winery, Phaedrus Estate, Red Hill Brewery and Red Hill Estate. “There are also three pop-up bars – Jetty Road Brewery at Dromana Estate, and Bass and Flinders Distillery and Mr Banks Brewery at Red Hill Estate – which really adds to the variety people can enjoy during the festival.”

Each location will feature live bands or DJs and will have food available from their own restaurant or from food trucks.  Festival-goers will also be able to gain exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ access at some venues. “Baillieu vineyard, rarely open to the public, will be opening for the weekend and Mornington Peninsula Brewery will open its production site. Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Red Hill Brewery will also develop special brews exclusively for the festival.”

Tickets for the Peninsula VineHop Festival are on sale and start at $38. For more information about tickets, transport, participating venues, food trucks and entertainment, visit the official website


A CHAT WITH OUR FOOD, WINE & DINING EXPERTS Dale Payne – The Cheeky Squire, 510 Nepean Highway, Frankston

Picture 1 - see caption in doc.jpg

Frankly Frankston has a cheeky chat with the very passionate foodie Dale Payne, head chef at The Cheeky Squire in Frankston. With 12 years’ experience under his belt, he’s created quite a stir in Frankston since the eatery opened in June.

What is the most popular menu item at The Cheeky Squire?

That would have to be our slow-cooked sticky lamb ribs.  The meat is really tender and falls right off the bone.

What is the concept of the menu?

Our concept consisted of teaming up with James Squire and matching craft beer with our delicious casual, modern-style pub grazing menu, designed to be shared with family and friends.

What trend are you loving at the moment?
 A “grocerant”, which is a mixture of a restaurant and a retail store in which restaurants sell the fresh produce they cook.

What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

Making a difference in terms of the success of our business and the personal success and development of our team. Plus it’s always good to know when a customer loves their experience at The Cheeky Squire.

Please tell us a little about your professional background?

I completed my qualification at William Angliss and have been working in hospitality as a qualified chef for over nine years. I have had the privilege to have worked with a number of Melbourne's most talented chefs over the years, sharing recipes, learning and developing new styles of cooking and learning different techniques. My recent qualification as a certified trainer has allowed me to train and assess students wanting to excel in hospitality. I'm currently working as a head chef and I'm very passionate about training and development within the workplace, demonstrating new techniques, teamwork, leadership, coaching and team motivation.

What is your style in the kitchen?

Fast-paced, collaborative, agile and energetic. I like to empower my team to get things done. I don't believe in a dictatorship style.

Now that spring is here, what ingredients would you be using in your new menu?

Artichokes, asparagus, sugar snap peas and broad beans - all delicious ingredients.

When you’re not in the kitchen, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going out to restaurants and trendy cafes. I love going to the local market to see what fresh ingredients are available and in season. I also enjoy watching soccer and training at the gym.

Any advice for aspiring chefs?

Listen, communicate, research, network, set goals, go above and beyond, be humble and create a great leadership team.


Win the chance to become a chocolate maker

Can you find an original sweet treat to be coated in milk, dark or white chocolate? Something to get everyone’s taste buds jumping for joy?


During the September holidays, every time you spend more than $10 in Chocolate Grove’s Chocolate Shop you get the chance to present your very own sweet treat idea to be coated in chocolate.  At the end of the promotion, Chocolate Grove will choose three sweet treats to take forward to a small production run in its chocolate factory.  If your idea is chosen you will be invited to come and see your very own creation being made on the factory’s chocolate coating machines, and Chocolate Grove will package it all up with your very own personalised label.

The Chocolate Grove Shop and History Centre is a wonderful family holiday destination. Wander through the special section on the history of Australian confectionery and chocolate with stunning memorabilia.  It’s fun for all the family, and there’s a multitude of sweet treats to choose from, including Chocolate Pizzas, Chocolate Gold Nuggets and Gold Bullion Bars. And Chocolate Grove has something special for mums and dads too - its brand new full-size Milk/Dark Chocolate Champagne Bottle!

The sweet treat promotion runs from Saturday, September 23, to Saturday, October 7. 


A: 48 Aster Ave, Carrum Downs

T: 9775 1888



Fine and Dainton by Kate Sears

Carrum Downs is home to Australian-owned family business Dainton Family Brewery. Two passions keep this business flowing: beer and family.

After being established in 2013, this brewery and tap house has become the local watering hole as it keeps its loyal patrons returning for fresh and often surprising brews.


The family-centric team have only been making beer for a year, yet their Cherrywood Smoked Baltic Porter was named Champion Australian Craft Beer at the 2017 Australian Craft Beer Awards, where it also won the Champion Porter/Stout. This beer was a surprising winner given its complex and unexpected flavour profile.  The Daintons also received gold medals for their IPA, Choc Orange Porter and Cherrywood Porter, silver for their Draught and bronze for their Cranberry Gose.

“We are humbled and excited by the win,” said founder and head brewer Dan Dainton.  “The award was a huge surprise and we are really thrilled to think that we rate alongside our peers in the industry.”

This brewery has come a long way since its gypsy brewing beginning.  In fact, to put their win in perspective we’ll do a little maths for you: a total of 682 beers from 118 breweries were entered for judging in the awards. They did mighty well!

As Dan said at the awards: “Everyone in this room, if you know me or have had anything to do with me, you deserve a little bit of this and the industry deserves a little bit of it – we’re all trying to make better beer; we’re all trying to make something amazing.”

True to his spirit, Dan thanked his extended family, the Carrum Downs community. “We’re so excited to be part of the community, and we appreciate everyone who has got behind us either by supporting or visiting us. Thanks to those who have helped us integrate ourselves into the community area, and most importantly those who have tried our beer.

“The fact that a beer that drinks like a chocolate cigar has won Australia's best craft beer makes us believe we as a beer-drinking community are on the right track to drinking more exciting, flavoursome and independently made beer.”

We don’t have our beer goggles on when we say it really does taste as good as it sounds. Go on, we hear a beer a day keeps the doctor away!

560 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Carrum Downs



Lunch time gets spicy at the Club by Liz Rogers

Looking for a lunch-time spot when it’s cold outside? You’ve found it!

The Spice Club in Frankston is full of wonderfully warming and flavourful cuisine that harks from the Punjab region of Northern India. This winter check inside to taste their delicious range of lunch-time spice infused dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

Let’s find out what’s in store.

As soon as you step inside The Spice Club, the aroma from the Tandoor oven gets your taste buds talking! Tandoori spice is the hero of this innovative Indian restaurant’s winter lunch-time menu. Mouth-watering Tandoori ‘Kathi’ chicken rolls are created with five spice, yoghurt, mint sauce and fresh salad and are ideal cold weather hunger-busters. Tandoori lamb ‘Kathi’ rolls are stuffed full of minced lamb, herbs, black pepper and mint sauce plus salad, and The Spice Club’s Tandoori fish ‘Kathi’ rolls are a unique twist on the traditional wrap concept. (Think grilled fish Tikka with salad and mint sauce.) All lunch specials start from $9.90.

Drop into The Spice Club this winter for a sensationally satisfying lunch-time meal and leave having savoured a small slice of exotic Punjab flavour.

Open six days a week.


A: 506 Nepean Hwy, Frankston

T: 9770 5011