Beware those dreaded Christmas injuries


For some, Christmas can be an accident waiting to happen. TSIC has unfortunately seen plenty of interesting Christmas-related injuries. Read on to avoid making these same mistakes.

The ‘Decorating while under the influence’ (DWUTI) injury

Preparing your house with cheer and copious amounts of fairy lights is impressive and fun. However, the consumption of alcohol seems commonly linked to the use of wonky stools and unsupported ladders that often end in tears and a nasty DWUTI injury. 

The Christmas Eve ‘parent-duties’ injuries

While constructing or testing gifts for the children, there are an assortment of injuries that can occur. That new trampoline looks harmless; however, your joints and muscles have most likely been out of practice for a few decades, so be cautious. It is also extremely tempting to check that the new scooter, skateboard or bike is raring to go for the kids on Christmas Day. Be wary, as these toys weren’t designed to carry the weight of an adult.

The Christmas through to New Year ‘Look at me’ injury

The weather is perfect and friends and family are gathered. There is always that one festive person who attempts a backflip into the pool or face plants while attempting an assortment of stunts. Sure, the embarrassment disappears swiftly; however, the pain may not.

The Sports Injury Clinic is here for you and your family over the Christmas season should you fall prey to a dreaded Christmas injury.


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