Echoes of karma in business success By Kate Sears

Georgia set good karma in motion, and now she’s reaping the tasty rewards.

In April, Georgia made a raw vegetarian lactose-free cake for herself and her partner, Aaron, and posted a photo of it on Instagram. Now she’s booked out for the next two months filling orders for raw vegan desserts through her business The Kindness Echoes. With a focus on guilt-free products that aren’t harmful to the environment or our bodies, she’s also dedicated her business to generating zero waste.

rasp cake.jpg

Likewise, Georgia and Aaron try to do the same.  They compost, have a worm farm, grow their own fruit and vegetables, re-use containers, and shop where they can bag or jar their purchases.  Georgia also dehydrates the leftover fruit from her cakes and uses it to decorate them.

Such has been the rapid success of The Kindness Echoes it’s tempting to put it down to karma generated by Georgia’s passion for the environment – that and the power of Instagram!  “A café messaged me on my private page about my cake. Then one week later I was taking cakes to cafes around Melbourne. It just all fell together.”

Currently she’s supplying cafes in Melbourne and Gippsland and getting orders for two birthday cakes a week. She’s also working on an e-book with ethical chocolate manufacturer The Chocolate Yogi that she makes look like a piece of cake.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.14.06 pm.png

The Kindness Echoes has grown from something to support her while she studied graphic design at uni to a full-time job.  Perhaps fittingly, her stunning cakes look like works of art.  “I’ve finally found my creative outlet.”

You can meet Georgia and sample her raspberry cheesecake at The Mermaid Sorority Vegan Market on Saturday, January 20, at Frankston Basketball Stadium.  For more, go to or follow her cooking travels on Instagram at @thekindnessechoes