Jump on board for a SUPer shot By Kate Sears

Stand-up paddle boarder Lara has captured our attention with her stunning scenic shots of Frankston City and the Peninsula coastline.  We’re impressed with her selfie skills while standing on her board – not to mention while surfing!  She’s even perfected yoga on her board and made friends with dolphins.

“Every time I go out paddle boarding I tend to see dolphins,” says Lara. “They play with me by swimming under and around my board. They’re very inquisitive and friendly; they’ll even jump out in front of the board.”

This quick learner only started stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) in March, progressing to stand-up paddle board surfing in July.  Lara loves the freedom and peacefulness of the water.  “If there’s something on your mind, you forget about it all. I believe that water puts everything in perspective.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.11.13 pm.png

Her go-to haunts are Moondah Beach in Mount Eliza beside the beach boxes where it’s tranquil, the rock pools at Flinders for lazy days, and Shoreham for surfing.  “You can really appreciate how amazing the Peninsula is. We have so much choice for what we want to do. You can find an area to match the activity that you’d like to do for the day.”

Weather permitting, Lara will spend an hour or more on the water every day, combining SUP with her other passion – photography.   This former professional photographer’s camera of choice is actually her iPhone, but she also uses a GoPro on the water.  “I’ve got spots on my board and paddle to secure it on so I can get different angles.  It’s not what equipment you have; it’s how you use it.”

Check out SUP Vic Peninsula Pods on Faceboook for expert tips and day trips or @WassupOZ for tuition, and follow Lara’s on-board explorations on Instagram at @frankston_by_the_bay