Best of both worlds

Living in Two Worlds is not only the title of Marion Parker’s latest solo exhibition, it also sums up the Mt Martha artist.

“I was always told to ‘come back down to earth’, or ‘stop daydreaming’, as I’ve always had my mind or spirit in the non-physical world,” she says.  “And so the title of this show is all about my two distinctive styles - of the physical world of earthly landscapes where I’m inspired by nature, and the ethereal non-physical world where I paint my abstracts and am inspired by quantum physics and the metaphysical.”

Marion was a naturopath who treated such celebrities as George Foreman.  She had clinics in Sydney and Melbourne, wrote a few books, had health columns, a radio show and even a racehorse - then she had an epiphany and gave it all away to move to Mt Martha and paint.
After 10 years, with her art now selling internationally and her name becoming known in art circles, Marion feels she’s only getting warmed up and that the best is yet to come.  One thing is for sure, though - she wouldn’t be doing anything else.

Living in Two Worlds is at the Frankston Arts Centre until December 10. 
Details:, and phone Marion on 5974 8816.