Festival set to rock by Eline Cox

Happy vibes, tasty food, cold beers and a lot of good music - we can't wish for anything more during summer.

On Saturday, February 4, the heart of Mount Eliza Village is where you can find all of this during the Mt Eliza Music Festival. The event takes place throughout the whole village, across cafes and restaurants, including more than 12 venues, three outdoor stages and eight busking locations, where more than 70 musical acts will perform.

Expect bands, soloists, DJs, as well as family entertainment, buskers and much more – day and night. The first line-up announcement tells us we can expect artists as Reuben Stone, John Cashman and the amazing duo Romey and Joe, better known as Barely Standing. They grew up in Lennox Head, jamming around a fire in a friend’s backyard.

Both guys moved down and met each other again in Melbourne. “After constantly jamming in backyards, we were such good friends, finishing each other’s sentences and decided to give it a go at an open mic night,” says Joe.  “Following the success of that we continued working on our performance and started writing our own songs.”

Now they are looking forward to performing at the Mt Eliza Music Festival, just like they did last year.   “We occasionally come down to the Peninsula to surf,” Romey says.  “It’s the closest place where we feel at home. It’s a perfect escape to enjoy some peace and quiet from the city life.  But we can’t wait to go down again to play some music. We have been writing a whole lot of new material, which we will unleash at the festival. We also have a couple of friends joining us on stage this year for the first time, which we are very excited about. This is certainly one festival we will be working towards over the next few months, with a few surprises in store and a bunch of new tracks to perform. See you there.”