One of Boe Sapun’s favourite quotes comes from Picasso: “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”

“This is precisely how I paint,” says the owner and director of Aspendale’s Écume Gallery. “I create tranquil paintings that evoke a feeling of floating or drifting into the realms of deep inner peace with an element of escapism.”

Boe is an abstract expression artist with a background in visual merchandising.  She began painting only a few years ago after being encouraged by an artist friend; when he took her painting to a gallery and it quickly sold, she knew she could pursue an art career. She held her first successful exhibition, Hydromancy, in 2014 and followed that with Pareidolia last year.

Écume itself is a small, intimate gallery that was created from the studio of Bruce Earles, the artist widely acknowledged as having made a significant contribution to the contemporary Australian art movement. “It proudly retains the bespoke nature in its well-worn floors and subtle evidence of inspiration and creativity from paint-splattered walls,” Boe says.

Its location on the beach side of the Nepean Highway gives it “incredible exposure to continuous traffic”, making it ideal to showcase the work of new and emerging artists as well as established contemporary art.

Two of those emerging artists, Clare Rab Lynch and DB White, are collaborating for the first time for the exhibition Imperfect Harmony, from July 23-August 6. Lynch evokes whimsical and visual storytelling through anthropomorphic dancers, while White draws her inspiration from her environment, emulating shrouded skies, seascape and lucid dreams.

“The artists represent their art in their own unique way,” Boe says.

A: 106 Nepean Highway, Aspendale 3195
M: 0435 873 118
Insta: @ecume_galleryÉCUME-GALLERY-749414318514301/