Strap in for a whirlwind ride

 Picture: James Terry Photography

Picture: James Terry Photography

Stampeding elephants! Raging typhoons! Runaway trains! Unabashed slapstick! Hold on to your seats for the original amazing race - the bet is on!

Frankston Arts Centre presents a thrilling new production of Around the World in 80 Days that will take you from London to Bombay, Yokohama to San Francisco, through typhoons, out-of-control trains and into the deepest reaches of your imagination as it’s all done with just three actors playing a multitude of roles.

The pressure is on and time is running out for Phileas Fogg and his band of quirky adventurers. At their heels is a relentless Scotland Yard detective. At stake is beating the clock and winning the bet. This is no movie - this is theatre at its most magical. Wayne Scott Kermond, Sharon Millerchip and Ian Stenlake bring this adventure to life in a new adaptation of the classic story told in a completely unexpected way.

Around the World in 80 Days will land at Frankston Arts Centre on Friday, September 22, at 8pm. Tickets are $27-$55 and can be booked on, in person at FAC or by calling 9784 1060.


A: 27-37 Davey St, Frankston
T: 9784 1060