Vibrant Ventana celebrates women in the arts

Frankston City’s annual month-long celebration of Latin, Portuguese and Spanish culture, Ventana Fiesta, is back next month, bigger, better and more vibrant than ever.

This year Ventana will focus on celebrating women in the arts with female artists and work about women central to the festival’s program. Frankston City Mayor Colin Hampton said this year’s theme was not only important, but timely. “There is increasing global acknowledgement that women can face discrimination in society,” Cr Hampton said. “I’m proud that this year’s celebrations will continue to raise awareness of the incredible strength, power and talent of women and bring the conversation into the arts realm.”


Events this year include an opening night celebration that will feature static and performance-based art installations exploring the significance of the White Dress as a rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood. SBS presenter Luciana Fraguas will launch the film festival with a tribute to Chiquinha Gonzaga, Brazil’s first female conductor who was prominent in helping develop international copyright for music. Art lovers can enjoy a myriad of exhibitions dedicated to women in the arts, featuring work from renowned Frankston and international artists, and Frankston Primary School students will create their own artwork based around the theme of the White Dress. Frankston artist Tania Ferrier has collaborated with homeless person Mykal to create a moveable home. This has been inspired by the work of Argentine artist Cristina Caronni, who works with homeless people in Buenos Aires.

The much-loved Street Fiesta returns to Wells St offering delicious barbecues, street food, street art, music, dance, craft stalls and vocal performances. Be sure to visit the Central America, Spain, Brazil, Andes and Chile quarters. There are workshops offering you the opportunity to learn traditional Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American dances, explore your acting and art skills, create quirky costumes and take part in the Ventana Carnival Parade at the Street Fiesta on Saturday, March 10.

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