Blog opens a new chapter in Paige’s life story By Kate Sears

A confluence of circumstances led Paige Ellis to her impressive side career. In fact, she was one of the original Melbourne food bloggers on Instagram.


Her passion for food and photography flowed separately, until her love for the power of social media flourished and her urge to create something big came knocking. Her boyfriend at the time was a budding photographer who captured everything, and thus she began to style her food and present it like a piece of art just for the photograph.

“This all happened when Instagram really ‘kicked off’. The growing café culture with the help of social media exemplified this appealing lifestyle which everyone wants to be a part of and experience,” said Paige.

From here, she anonymously created a food blog that anyone could use as a reference point to check out where to eat breakfast if they were ready to discover a new scrumptious delight with artistic flair. She began by eating out every Sunday morning and expanded her knowledge by trying new and exciting cafes.

“I never really thought anything big would come from this but little did I know I’m one of Melbourne’s most influential food bloggers! #What?”

Paige is regularly asked to review cafes and restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula and her day job is also based around social media for an agency. You could say she’s in a constant world of hashtags and delectable treats - not that she’s complaining at all.


The first time she was invited to eat out at a café without paying truly validated her work. It opened the first page into the food blogging world. Getting invited to events and VIP launches was always a thrilling and mouth-watering experience. However, she takes pleasure in sharing her foodie opportunities with her friends and family because, after all, that’s what eating out is all about. “There are lots of perks having a food blog in Melbourne, as we are legitimately the capital of the brunching lifestyle.”

Paige puts the increase in food blogging down to a variety of factors, including, lifestyle, food experience, digital diary habits, passion of food loves and the aesthetic of dishes currently saturating the food world. “This is something I love doing so I don’t see it as an extra chore or something hard to maintain. If you have a dream or a passion in a field you’re interested in, don’t hold back; make it happen, as it’s something which will keep you smiling and inspired all day.”

Paige’s ultimate foodie goal is to open her own social media agency specialising in the hospitality field – and we’ll volunteer as taste-testers!

For your next brunch inspiration, visit @breakfast_adventures on Instagram or enlist Paige’s help for your own restaurant.