Sweet end to food search

By 2015, three of Maria’s five family members had been diagnosed with fructose intolerance after being unwell for many years. 

Their diets needed to change, but Maria found her weekly shopping trip couldn’t be completed in just one supermarket.  Instead, she was forced to search through many stores to find food that was not only suitable for them but was tasty enough for the rest of the family to enjoy.

Determined that others would not have to go through the same search hassles, Maria opened the Fructose Friendly Store in Mount Eliza.  Here you’ll find a wonderful range of food products, including baking and cooking ingredients, snacks, cereals, confectionery, pastas, sauces, soups and spices.  Not only are they all suitable for fructose-intolerant people, everything is gluten free and suitable for those with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. Many of the products on sale are organic,lactose-free, vegan or nut free.

Maria and her family regularly attend trade shows and food expos as they continue their search for good quality, tasty food that they can all enjoy - and now you can enjoy it too.

A: Shop 5, Ranelagh Arcade, 20 Ranelagh Drive, Mount Eliza
W: fructosefriendlystore.com.au