We're all in this together

Walking through the charming little green door you are immediately encapsulated with the colours, sounds and positive energy emitting from this unique health and healing hub.

With a Byron Bay-esque rustic feel and boho themed retail space, you’re soon greeted by the true essence of the store, Luke and Kristi, the two founders of Little Earth Health who emulate a powerhouse of knowledge and authentic passion on all things health and healing.

Having spent time with native healers in Peru, Vanuatu and Mongolia while also having direct training from experts in the fields of nutrition, ethnobotany, herbalism and energetics here in Australia, the pair battled through their own healing crisis in 2013, spending their entire life savings and more dealing with a personal and difficult-to-treat health condition.  Through this journey and their continued studies, Little Earth Health was born.

Beyond the retail floor where only the best quality supplements and herbal medicines have been carefully researched, sourced and tested, you will find a small practitioner space quaintly tucked away behind their organic herbal dispensary.  Naturopathic, nutritional and authentic ayurveda consultations and therapies are conducted here by Luke and newest arrival Dr Madhu, a specialist ayurveda doctor highly trained in India who joined the Little Earth Health team in 2016.

With yoga and meditation classes running most nights, a members’ health library and shamanic massage conducted on every full and new moon, Little Earth Health is a must-stop destination for anyone looking for genuine and unique health and healing.

Little Earth Health takes an authentic, down-to-earth, scientific, and above all individualistic approach towards health and healing with their clients and customers.


A: 114b Nepean Highway, Seaford
T: 9773 6915
W: www.littleearthhealth.com.au