Lavish designs by Lisa by Kate Sears


Frustrated at the lack of fashionable clothing and lingerie for full-figured women and longing to own her own business, Lisa gave up her work as a secretary 22 years ago and made a splash in this niche market.

Lisa’s Lacies was born, and Lisa hasn’t stopped making tracks and collecting fans with her distinctive, thoughtful and fashion-forward pieces. She adores her loyal customers who send their friends in to enjoy her well-made and long-lasting pieces, just as they have.

“I thought to myself, ‘I don’t want to wear those ugly styles with limited choices’,” Lisa says. “Ultimately, I was very selfish as I wanted to design these products for myself, but everyone enjoyed my designs so it’s worked out well.”

With sizes ranging from 12 to 40+, the store is the best destination for lingerie and clothing in larger sizes. Lisa’s proud to say her business is Australian owned and run, and the items she sells are made right here in Seaford with staff she’s worked with for decades. “We love our girls.  We ship worldwide, but we focus on sourcing our material from Australian companies.”

If you’re thinking it’s everything you’ve been wishing for, you’ll be drawn to Lisa’s exclusive new range that was launched at a VIP night live fashion show last month (pictured here).  Vibrant colours in casual styles, stylish cuts, blue hues, feminine prints, flattering flowy garments and dressier numbers for glam nights were all on show. The versatile collection of mix and match items is perfectly interchangeable for Melbourne’s ever-changing weather. They were almost sold out by the night’s end, with two more runs completed since. This truly confirms Lisa’s flair for design.

“It’s very hard, but at the same time it’s rewarding when I see our customers comfortable, well fitted and feeling fashionable.”

Have a chat with the lovely Lisa and find that best-fitting bra you’ve been longing for.


A: 6 Klauer St, Seaford


FB: @lisaslacies

INSTA: @lisaslacies