Beat the heat for a deep sleep

Having trouble catching some summertime shut-eye? Tossing and turning when the heatwaves are burning? Never fear, The Sleep Coach Cheryl Fingleson is here to share her expert tips to help you sleep through the heat.

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During the day and before bedtime

Keep curtains and block-out blinds closed to avoid excessive heat entering your home.

Do not watch any screens or use your mobile phone before bedtime.

Drink enough water in the day to avoid waking frequently due to thirst and dehydration.


When it's time to get some shut-eye

Have a lukewarm shower before bed.

Wear cotton PJs or sleep naked.

Drink cherry juice (which produces melatonin), herbal tea or warm milk.

Spray your sheets and pillow with lavender oil to induce sleep and keep the mozzies away.

Keep a Thermos of ice water next to the bed.


If you don’t have aircon

Freeze your sheets.

Place ice water in a bowl in front of a fan.

Sleep downstairs because upstairs will trap the heat.

Sleep with a cold water bottle filled with ice water.

Keep a spray bottle next to your bed and squirt yourself when you feel too hot.

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