Who has the time and energy to clean?

Our lives are getting increasingly busy with more pressure at work, demanding family responsibilities and ongoing obligations. Then there’s trying to fit in a social life! These days it’s nearly impossible to get the time to give your home a good clean. Something has to give … but where do you find the time and energy for doing these tasks?

The simple answer is outsourcing to help keep your life under control. Paying for a cleaning service is no longer considered a luxury in this day and age; it’s a necessity for a better harmonious and balanced lifestyle. But who do you call on?

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You should give MyHome Cleaning a call. It’s a professional cleaning company that has been servicing the Mornington Peninsula for over seven years, and MyHome itself has been established in Melbourne for over 15 years.

MyHome Cleaning provides its customers with qualified staff who use regulated tools and equipment and arrive in company cars and in company uniform. Their high standards, well-practised policies/procedures and tried and true experience means they offer greater security and ensure the safety of your home - not to mention delivering great results with their unique Tri-Colour Cleaning Service.

Stop wasting your time feeling resentful about who’s doing more vacuuming and start enjoying the time you have together more – with MyHome Cleaning Service.



T: 13 22 31

W: myhomeclean.com.au