The magnificence of wrought iron by Liz Rogers

Wrought Iron Online crafts truly beautiful statement pieces that add a touch of class, style and dramatic design to your home or business premises.

Working closely with each client to create wrought iron doors (including security), gates and fences, balustrades, handles and spiral staircases, Wrought Iron Online is the place to go when searching for craftsmanship and individuality. It designs, distributes and installs hand-made wrought iron products produced by the Indonesian side of the family in Jakarta and works closely with each client to achieve the best outcome. If you have your own design in mind, Wrought Iron Online can make that too.

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All work at Wrought Iron Online complies with Australian Standards and Building Code Australia and comes at a completely competitive price. The simply stunning indoor or outdoor spiral staircases with plain balustrades (beginning at $1120 per metre height) or scroll balustrades (at $1350 per metre height) are functional, attractive and uniquely affordable.

Make your wrought iron statement today. Just go online.

A: 9 Wooten Close, Frankston
T: 9766 1008
M: 0418 522 477