Noah turns the tables on hunger

A young boy with a big heart is helping families in Frankston put fresh, healthy food on the table – for free.

Mel Hutchins and her son, Noah, had always given away any excess garden produce they grew.  But when Noah, who was 10, saw a TV news item about a Food Is Free program in Ballarat, he wanted to make things “official”.

“Whenever we’d had anything to spare we’d sit it out the front of the house in a bucket or he’d take it into school and give it to his teachers or his schoolmates.  He’s always been very sharing.  When he saw the news he said, ‘Mum, can we do that here?’  So we went and got some old pallets and banged together a couple of tables and put them out the front.”

That was about a year ago, and Noah’s little project has grown in leaps and bounds since then.  “We made a Facebook page and let everyone know it was there.  People leave comments and sometimes there’s little notes left in the letterbox, which has been really nice as well.  If we’re out there ourselves, people always stop and have a chat, and Noah loves that - he loves gardening and seeing people when they come by and either leave some of their garden produce or to pick up something kindly left by another.  He has a really big heart.”

Anyone with excess garden produce is welcome to add it to Noah’s tables.

A: 13 O'Grady Ave, Frankston