Dumplings to die for

Several years ago, Amanda and Hayden Thatcher were sitting in a gyoza bar in Tokyo enjoying the Japanese dumplings over a couple of sakes when it occurred to them there could be a market for the dumplings back home.

Having “basically roughed out the concept on a napkin”, the pair returned to Australia, found a warehouse in Seaford and turned it into Mushiki Dumplings.  Four years on they employ six people and supply gyoza to outlets throughout Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and regional Victoria as well as NSW, South Australia and Queensland.

“We both have a foodie background – I’m a food technologist and Hayden’s a chef – so we had a good idea of what was on the market and we knew there was a gap for fresh gyoza,” Amanda said.

“We started off doing a couple of markets, making the gyoza and taking them to markets, cooking them and selling them.  Luckily enough one of our customers worked at a retail store and said ‘Your product’s really good; do you have packs?’ We quickly got some together, came back and presented them to her and she took them all immediately.”

The dumplings come in six flavours, including duck and plum, free-range pork and prawn, free-range chicken and shiitake, and vegetable and tofu; the ingredients are all Australian, the meat is ethically sourced and no MSG, colours or flavours are added. 

A: 4 Govan St, Seaford
0402 538 881
W: mushiki.com.au