Teghan’s triumph by Kate Sears

A love of plays and musicals had always been instilled in Teghan Webster, yet health problems had always held her back. That was until the daring 19-year-old saw an audition call for The Diary of Anne Frank and decided she would try out even with no acting experience.

Unfortunately, she was passed over for the role, but she was so eager to support Frankston Theatre Group in its production that she offered to take any task that was on offer, so she started her theatre career as a prompt.

Shortly after, a cast member withdrew and Teghan won the role of Margot to launch her acting debut.  Strangers became friends for life as they worked together tirelessly.  Under the wing of Roy Thompson and Annie Laurenson, Teghan flourished.

Since then, she’s moved on to play Maureen, the bride in Dimboola. “I found this role relaxing as I really just had to sit down and act drunk!”

One of Teghan’s favourite on-stage memories was during rehearsals for Dimboola. “I stood up and screamed my line as loud as I could. It wasn't in the script to shout the line and the look on everyone's face was priceless. But it worked for the scene, the director liked it and it ended up in the final play.”

However, Teghan admits her most rewarding experience was an off-stage role as production coordinator for ‘Allo ‘Allo. It was a difficult journey, but she learnt so much and gained great satisfaction from seeing it all come together and her cast enjoy themselves.

Teghan is studying biology and is intrigued by how similar acting and biology are since both explore how people work.

July brings the 1812 Theatre’s youth production The Crucible, in which she’ll play Mercy Lewis, while playing the judge in Frankston Theatre Group’s upcoming production of 12 Angry Men has given her an exciting new chance to be involved in filming. To find out what this is all about, make sure to visit Frankston Theatre Group’s website for more information and bookings.

12 Angry Men will be performed on Friday, May 26-Saturday, May 27, at 8pm; Sunday, May 28, at 2pm; and Friday, June 2-Saturday, June 3, at 8pm.  Tickets: $25 adult, $20 conc.

For more information visit: frankstontheatregroup.org.au