Basketballers shoot for stadium extension

Chelsea Basketball is overflowing with members and facing rising lease costs in the wake of its campaign for new facilities.

The southeast association is forecast to grow by 30 per cent over the next two years, according to club spokesman Peter Casperz. Chelsea Basketball currently leases courts throughout the southeast region with agreements in place with leaseholders between Dandenong and Seaford. But Mr Casperz says the lease costs “are killing us financially and are not sustainable”.

Rent runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and is stretching resources that cater for more than 200 domestic teams at junior and state levels. Chelsea Basketball’s philosophy is grounded by family values and affirmed by championing people of all persuasions, which has led to the formation of all abilities teams and promotion of women in sport.

Mr Casperz’s vision is for an extension of Bonbeach Stadium to incorporate two courts, including a show court with seating for 300 people, additional change rooms and facilities to cater for state league teams. Kingston councillor Tamsin Bearsley believes the proposed redevelopment will “provide opportunities to integrate sport and community use”.

Mr Casperz has engaged Cameron Howe to head up the campaign, and the proposed redevelopment is scheduled to be discussed at Kingston Council’s meeting on June 26. Chelsea Basketball is asking the public to contact Kingston councillors ahead of the meeting. For further information visit: