HQ a hub for innovation


KWD HQ is a new chapter in the life of Kate Walker and her professional design team.  With entrepreneurial skills in her DNA, Kate sees opportunities and seizes them with both hands, and the concept of KWD HQ evolved from a desire to showcase how much KWD itself has evolved and grown since it was founded in 2013.

“Many designers subscribe to and specialise in one style,” explains Kate.  “However, our desire, expertise and experience lend themselves to much more than just one design style.  We work with such a variety of clients from all walks of life and in so many different locations that our portfolio has embraced a wide selection of different aesthetics.  It was essential that our new headquarters reflect this, and the result is a more masculine feel that will appeal to our rather large male client base.”

Kate engaged Carlo Romanin, of Romanin Design (who is also a local), to direct the design for KWD HQ, and Mount Martha Village was the ideal location.  Everything in KWD HQ is based on black, white and grey tones (other than the timber flooring) to enable the products to shine.  The granite, marble, the black carpet and the European oak flooring are all from KWD’s supply partners.  It’s a collaborative space with an interactive peg display board at the central core of the product development area.  KWD HQ is a hub for innovation, and the ergonomic space has been designed for inspiration and efficiency.

The exciting new KWD HQ premises is providing inspiration to other local businesses too, with KWD being engaged to manage the refurbishment of Volpino and Wallimont & Nutt Real Estate – taking Mount Martha Village to new heights in terms of quality, style and design.