‘Heavy hearts’ as lights go out By Kate Sears

The Christmas lights at 1 Lulworth Place have been turned off for the last time. Visitors to last year’s jaw-dropping display were greeted with a sign informing them that after 17 years, residents Trevor and Sandra had decided 2017’s festive spectacular would be their last.

“Thanks for everyone’s years of support; unfortunately it is with heavy hearts that we’ve decided to stop our yearly display,” Sandra said.

Each year the Frankston couple spent four months setting up their display with help from Trevor’s family, and each year they took great delight in seeing the awe on the faces of thousands of children who passed through their doors. But their display was more than just a major drawcard for countless families from far and wide; over the past nine years Sandra and Trevor have collected donations from their visitors and raised an incredible $36,852 for Frankston Special Development School.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.19.57 pm.png

“Every year we’ve outdone the year before in terms of donations,” said Sandra. “However, this year we were under - but it wasn’t a reflection of our display. This last display was our best display yet. We went out with a bang and raised $5020.80.”

FSDS principal Scott Tucker said he greatly appreciated what Trevor and Sandra had done for the school over the years, and he shared the community’s sadness that the annual displays had come to an end. However, Scott said he was so delighted the couple would now have time to reward themselves for their tireless work with their first holiday in more than 18 years.

And what’s become of their incredible collection of lights and Christmas decorations? The couple held a garage sale and have been able to sell most of them. “It was a very cathartic experience,” said Sandra.

On behalf of our readers, Frankly Frankston would like to thank Sandra and Trevor for the money they raised and the memories they created through their stunning displays, and we wish them all the very best.