Taste the delights of Greater Dandenong

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Discover the vibrancy and diversity of Greater Dandenong and enjoy the region’s rich array of culinary delights on one of the city’s acclaimed food tours.

Join other food lovers for an authentic celebration of food and culture in one of Melbourne’s most celebrated and thriving food heartlands. A visit to the City of Greater Dandenong allows you to travel the world without the need for a passport.

Now officially recognised as Australia’s most culturally diverse community, Greater Dandenong provides a rich tapestry of cultural experiences that will awaken the senses and leave you wanting more. The perfect way to get your first taste of the city is on a Food Lovers or Cultural Tour. Explore Afghani culture in Dandenong’s Afghan Bazaar precinct or travel to South-East Asia in Springvale.

Greater Dandenong’s celebrated two-hour tours provide generous samplings of a rich array of cuisines and conclude with a delicious meal. Book one of the scheduled tours today or contact the City of Greater Dandenong to tailor one for a group of your closest family and friends.

Go to greaterdandenong.com/tours or phone 8571 1377 and discover Greater Dandenong on a plate.