A real confidence boost

A partnership between training provider BRACE and disability service provider Marillac is assisting young people with disabilities develop skills for life.

Jesslyn Penglase is glad to be one of the students taking part in foundation skills training with BRACE. Her confidence, self-esteem and independence have improved since starting the course in February.

The course not only enables Jesslyn and the other students to learn in class, they also get hands-on experience through work placement.  In preparation for her job interview, Jesslyn went to Dress For Success to find suitable clothing.  She looked great and felt confident and happy.

Jesslyn is completing her work placement at Crafty Cakes in Somerville, and after only a few weeks she built up the confidence to catch public transport independently. You can see by her smile that she is thoroughly enjoying her work there.

“At the start of the course I was very nervous, but as time went on my confidence grew and now I am really enjoying the course,” said Jesslyn. “I love the work placement as I am doing something I really love. I have learnt a lot. Debbie and Trish are good trainers.”

Her trainer, Debbie Rogan, can see the difference in Jesslyn since she started the course. “Jesslyn recently led her group (in class) to successfully complete a team building activity that was based on time constraints, limited resources and thinking outside the square for concept and design,” Debbie said.

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