Big TIC for telco advice

What would you do if your phones stopped ringing, your emails went missing, you couldn’t pay your staff or your clients went to your competitor?

You’d panic.

This is where Telco Independent Consulting comes in.  TIC can help by finding the best telco service for your business with 100 per cent independent advice on telecommunication products and services, contract clauses, fault restoration times, multi-carrier benefits, loss of revenue from no connectivity and more.

Servicing the southeastern suburbs, Bryan has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry.  He’s also a fully qualified communications consultant and cable installer and a financial member of the Australian Information Security Association – so you know you’re in good hands.

Consider TIC your personal telco navigator, negotiating a better deal for your business and helping you understand complicated bills, hidden fees, long lock-in contracts, complex pricing and industry jargon.

Or if talk of the NBN has you stumped, give TIC a call for a comprehensive understanding of what it all means without all the conflicting information.

T: 0419 632 098