Awards help businesses strive towards excellence By Rhiannon Pilton


As the founder of the Frankston Business Awards, I have built the awards on the values and opportunity these awards campaigns foster for connections and networks across the region.

As I continue to visit many organisations across Australia to identify best practice, a common activity I see for building a sustainable business is taking the time to regularly assess performance. Combining this with a realistic reflection of what is working and what needs to improve, this can provide valuable insights and create opportunities for all of your team to be involved and therefore increase motivation and ultimately productivity. 

The awards provide a key opportunity to assist you and your business to develop a better understanding of the vital elements needed for you to work towards business excellence.

As the founder, I personally thank each and every business owner, team member and individual among the local community for being so positively involved in the awards and I will continue to ensure that the awards are an ongoing event for us all.