Snakes make their move

Our resident populations of sun-loving copperheads and tiger snakes are out and about again after another winter, and that means clearing shrubs, bushes, wood piles and other hiding places from around the house if you want to avoid an encounter.

“The snakes need a place to hide and feel safe,” says Mornington snake catcher Barry Goldsmith, “so if you remove those hiding places there’s less chance of encountering a snake.  No snake has bitten someone unless it was disturbed first - we’re not on their menu.”

Killing the snake shouldn’t even be a consideration.  “I just want people to know it’s cruel, it’s not necessary, it’s illegal, and there are snake catchers all over the place who can be at your place to remove the thing within an hour.”  It’s also dangerous – most people are bitten while trying to kill the reptile. 

Barry’s been catching and removing snakes for about 40 years.   “It’s more of a pastime or a hobby – I just like to be the person people ring as opposed to killing it.”

Phone Barry on 5975 0481 or 0408 067 062.