Pets are for life … and Christmas By Kate Sears

Len Dawson has been creatively inclined since he was a child.  Now retired, he’s turned his passion for pets and art into a business.   So if you’re searching for a Christmas present for that special someone who has everything, don’t worry - Len’s got you covered.


Using acrylic paint, he’ll complete a portrait of your beloved pet that captures its true essence and character.  You can supply a photo if you have one that’s suitable, or for $30-$40 Len can take one himself.

Len focuses on capturing the personality traits and quirks of your pampered pooch or pussy cat so they look realistic.  “The character can be lost in a photograph, but I can add an extra twist in the mouth or a sparkle in the eye to truly capture the pet’s character.”

Your best friend preserved in a portrait is also a lovely memento for owners whose pets have moved on. “Pets don’t live as long as their owners, so it’s nice to have something to look back on.”

Len is a true artist who attended art school and channelled his artistic flair as he began working in advertising, completing general illustrations and paintings.  His portraits start at $400 and are completed in quality acrylics on stretched canvas 50cm x 70cm.


T: 0438 892 499

E: [email protected]