Europe’s the goal for young soccer stars By Kate Sears

Langwarrin boys Jack Geddes and Arjuna Surya-Peddell have been offered the opportunity to travel to Germany and the Netherlands with Futbal First School of Soccer on September 23 with a select team of 14.

This amazing opportunity will enable them to train with and play against some of the best youth soccer clubs in the world, including Ajax and Borussia Dortmund.  The Ajax club in the Netherlands is the best youth academy in the world and would provide the motivated boys with huge exposure, which isn’t something to be missed.

These 11-year-old best mates have played together since their first soccer game at Langwarrin Soccer Club when they were five, but this is their first year playing for the Springvale White Eagles.

Jack’s mum, Leanne, and Arjuna’s mum, Kristy, are proud as punch and couldn’t imagine their boys missing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity due to a lack of money. Both women are single mothers with three kids each and always put their children first, but at $5700 per child this trip is a little out of reach for them.

Kristy says: “I’m never the one to be organising fundraisers, but I always help others’ efforts.” She hopes that her good karma will be returned in this case.

Jack and Arjuna are already focused on their future careers, and at such a young age that is to be applauded.  Jack’s recently faced tough times, losing his father and grandfather in the past year, but that hasn’t stopped his training. It would be a dream come true for both boys to take up this opportunity.

If these dedicated young stars make it to Europe, their parents feel they’ll learn that if you work hard, anything is possible. Kristy admits the boys will be the only kids on the team travelling without a parent due to the financial constraints on the two women and their other children requiring care. “They’ll be okay; they are very close with the coach and they have each other.”
Let’s get these boys on their way!

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