Endermologie on Humphries

Peninsula Endermologie owner Niamh Hislop knows that endermologie works. A former senior cosmetic nurse for The Harley Medical Group (the UK’s leading cosmetic clinic), she has witnessed its benefits first-hand.

“After I had my second child my legs badly needed some TLC, so I went looking for the only solution I know that works to get rid of cellulite. I couldn’t believe endermologie wasn’t available on the Peninsula. Endermologie has been used all over the world for more than 30 years.


“The gentle mechanical massage reduces the appearance of cellulite and unwanted fat deposits with zero risk and no downtime. Many women believe there’s nothing they can do about cellulite and stubborn fat and often resign themselves to covering up their bodies, so there’s nothing more satisfying to me than seeing my clients get their confidence back and wearing their shorty-shorts again.”

Endermologie also delivers anti-ageing facials and is effective in the treatment of scars, post-op swelling and bruising, fluid retention, lymphedema, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, muscle spasms and delayed onset muscle soreness.

To find out more, call Niamh (“Neve”) today.

A: 120 Humphries Rd, Mount Eliza
M: 0434 946 209
W: peninsulaendermologie.com