A Fortnite of neck pain

Fortnite. It’s a hot topic of conversation among concerned parents at the after-school pick-up. Most of the discussion has been centred around the addictive nature of the game. But gaming also affects the bodies of the next generation in other ways.


Excessive time spent on gaming — whether it be on a Nintendo, PlayStation or other console — puts strain on the neck. When using consoles, most people slouch their neck and hunch in their shoulders. The higher the degree of slouching, the more stress is put on the neck. Pain can extend down the back and to the hands. In the allied health industry, this type of injury is becoming more frequent and even has been dubbed ‘gamers neck’.

The Sports Injury Clinic recommends reducing the amount of time spent in front of the console but we know that sometimes isn’t always easy to enforce! When gaming, it’s important to maintain a straight back with good posture. Ideally the screen should be positioned at eye height, so there is no downwards strain on the neck. Stopping regularly for exercises is also great to stretch out the affected muscles. Chin tucks, head rotations and shoulder rolling are excellent for releasing built-up tension.

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