Service your shower this summer

A shower recess is one of the most used and harshly treated parts of your house.  In some cases it will be used four to eight times a day, especially in summer and on sports days.  It is then subjected to harsh chemicals and constant moisture, barely getting a chance to dry out. This causes the grout and the silicone to become weak. If not maintained properly it will eventually cause the recess to leak into its surrounds.

Bayside Grout Solutions owner/operator Jorg says sure signs of this are damaged door frames and plaster boards, and wet carpets adjoining the bathroom. In some cases, showers leak due to poor installation and ill-fitting screens. So why not have the shower recess serviced - just like you do a car - by giving it a full ‘rejuvenation’. 

Jorg will replace the grout and all the seals and polish all the surfaces so the shower gleams like new again, giving you many more years of use.  All this can be done in a day in most cases, and your shower will be back in action 36 hours later for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

For a free no-obligation quote, call Jorg on 0424 843 358.


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