She’s a bit Fabulous by Andrea Kellett

“If you’re not living in Mount Eliza, sweetie, you’re camping out.”

And with that, celebrity impersonator Victoria Ramage, aka Patsy from Always Fabulous (her take on the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous) sets an entire suburb on notice about how she might weave her performing art magic now that she’s living here.

This queen of entertaining with a killer likeness to Jane Turner (Kath from Kath and Kim) moved from the Gold Coast to the “Mt Eliza area darling” about 12 months ago. The Geelong-born woman has a razor sharp memory for names, a skill for off-the-cuff humour and a love of people.  Having settled in with her husband and the two youngest of their four children, Victoria is now starting to appear in character on the Mornington Peninsula social scene. And what a ride we are in for.

As we chat in her “fabulous” dining room, Victoria swings in and out of character. “I love fabulously snobbish people because they’re such great material,” she says in her Patsy voice. Patsy appeared at the annual Fields of Fashion charity lunch at the Mornington Racecourse in September; at a breast cancer fundraising event at Common Folk, Mornington, in October; and at a handful of other Peninsula charity events this year.  Always Fabulous is, in her words, “the entertainment package never short of a Bolli, Stoli and Jolli good time, sweetie darling”.

Victoria and her long-time partner in impersonating crime Jacqueline Gill, of Brighton, burst onto Melbourne’s entertainment scene in their bogan best as foxy morons Not Kath and Kim (their take on the Australian television comedy series Kath & Kim) at a recent Brighton Rotary event. “We rocked up in Jacquie’s little Mercedes sports,” Victoria laughs. “We are in character from the time the wigs and makeup go on. If someone’s watching us arrive, we’ll play the part and fall out of the car”.  Between Kimmy’s killer voice and Kath’s noice dancing style, this act promises to get a party “going off on the dance floor like a pav in the sun”.

Victoria writes all of her own material and tailors it to suit the event and the audience, whether she’s performing stand up, Emcee at corporate events, roving entertainment or icebreakers. And there’s more. Her repertoire also includes former PM Julia ‘Kill-Billard’, Miss Ansett, the outrageous Miss Joan Brook (her take on the late Joan Rivers), Prude & Rude and the Trolley Dollys.

The Australian Film & Television Academy and Warehouse graduate is also about to launch two new acts – Housewives of Melbourne’s Janet Roach and One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson. “I’m going to have to get a prosthetic nose for that one,” she says of Hanson.

Victoria Ramage - what an absolutely Fabulous addition to the Mornington Peninsula. More: or phone 0412 159 289.