Now we are here with Xanadu by Kate Sears

Xanny 1.JPG

The only man working out of the Frankly Frankston office has everyone wrapped around his tiny paws. Xanadu has wooed the delivery drivers, clients and many passers-by. He’s owning his name and making his mark despite people assuming it’s a girl’s name – poor baby!

Meet Xanadu, or Xanny to his adoring fans - us! Yes, we know what you’re thinking and you’re right. His name is inspired by the song made famous by Olivia Newton-John for the movie Xanadu. Chendelle, our sun-loving sales representative, bought this little man from a breeder in June at 10 weeks old and he’s provided warm cuddles all winter long.

Xanadu means an idyllic place that is of great beauty, luxury and contentment. Oh yes, that suits this little prince just perfectly. He refuses to walk if the cold wind messes up his freshly brushed fur, or if the ground is too wet on his delicate paws. Xanny is chauffeur-driven to the dog park to avoid exhausting himself on the journey before playtime and watches intently out the window as he plans which luxury car to buy next (with the sun roof remaining closed to keep his fur looking perfect). He insists on being spoilt for choice with his toys, needing a rotation of at least three favourite toys because he loses focus every two minutes. Xanny’s meals are no exception to his prince-like behaviour. If he’s devoured chicken for dinner (sometimes hand-fed because bowls are just too scary), he will not under any circumstances eat chicken again tomorrow for lunch.  Who likes leftovers anyway?

Frequently, Chendelle and Xanny get stopped in the street to be told, “You’re the most handsome dog I’ve ever seen!”, which is ideal for his self-esteem. Chendelle replies “Oh, thank you”, which she admits is quite awkward since she can’t actually take any credit for him - except his new tricks.

Xanny loves helping his mummy with her business cards – they’re more memorable chewed, right? And he keeps the office lively with his squeaky toys.

He is very polite, and can keep himself entertained for hours and hold his pee in all day until his mum lets him outside. His bark, which is loud for a delicate little puppy, can be heard as he protects his girls from any male that comes into the office. Or he’s barking to mark his territory because the office girls are of course his pack, and no one is taking them away from him at any cost.

This intuitive puppy is a sensitive soul and gets hiccups when he gets too excited!

In true Xanadu fashion, this little Xanny channels his inner dancer and loves a little bum and tail wiggle. To quote the song, “It came to Xanadu, a million lights are dancing.”