Bella’s stellar BMX blitz by Kate Sears


Bella May is having the standout year of her sporting life. At just 11 years old, this Seaford youngster is leaving her competitors in the dust as she blazes a brilliant path on two wheels.

Bella’s already gained the title of BMX racing national champion and nothing’s going to stop her in her bid to one day represent Australia at the Olympics.

Currently seeded No.1 in her age group, she puts her amazing success down to her “never give up” attitude. This includes training five times a week and setting personal goals that she strives to reach every day.

This mature young lady with attitude to boot also holds the No.1 ranking in Victoria and the ACT.  She captained the Australian girls’ team to victory against New Zealand and next month she will again represent Australia against New Zealand, but this time as the team’s No.1 rider.

Frankly Frankston asked Robyn May how her daughter got involved in BMX. “We drove past (the Frankston BMX Club) by chance when there was an event on and we stopped to have a look. When Bella saw them racing she looked at my husband and I and she said ‘This is for me!’”

Since then, this rider hasn’t let her age stop her in her tracks. Her love for BMX racing is running deep in her veins after passionately pursuing the sport for almost four years now.

If you can catch sight of this little spitfire, you’ll find she’s as headstrong as ever and gone in a flash!