Don’t skimp on bicycle safety


While cheaper bikes from department stores might seem like a great way to save money, they often end up costing you more than from specialist bicycle shop.

Most bikes come partially assembled, but there are many items that require a skilled and experienced bicycle mechanic with the correct tools and knowledge to complete the build properly and give you a bike that is safe to ride. This is especially important when you consider your life or that of a family member is in the hands of the person who assembles the bike, particularly with items such as steering and brakes. An incorrectly fitted or over-tensioned handlebar or brake assembly could result in failure at a time when it is most needed, such as having to swerve or stop to avoid an accident. Similarly, poorly adjusted items such as gears or brake pads can lead to premature and unnecessary wear, resulting in additional costs to rectify.

“You wouldn’t go to a department store to get your brakes or your transmission serviced on your car by the person who stocks the shelves, so why would you trust your child’s or even your own safety on a bicycle to the same person?” said Peninsula Star Cycles manager John Billing. “Bicycles are our sole business. We build every bike to the same high standard we would expect ourselves.”

With Christmas just around the corner, many parents will be looking to find a bike for their children. Peninsula Star Cycles has built a reputation over its 72-year history for quality, professionally built bicycles and offers 12 months after-sales service with every new bike.


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