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Journeys Rediscovered is the culmination of Kirsty Thomas-Thoeun’s 21 years in the travel industry and her passion for Asia, Africa and India. Developing wonderful contacts with hotels and local operators and a passion for all things culinary allows Journeys Rediscovered to create immersive culinary small-group journeys to some of the world’s most exotic destinations.

Journeys Rediscovered takes you behind the scenes and offers authentic insider access to the local culture through its food. Imagine exploring the culinary delights of Morocco, including Sufi dinners, tour souks with culinary experts and cooking lessons with Chef Tarik. Travel to Japan and enjoy a street food safari and izakaya in Osaka, taste Hiroshima’s favourite dish — okonomiyaki. Visit whiskey and sake distilleries, take afternoon tea with a maiko, and enjoy Japanese cooking classes and markets.

In northern India, tour Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Jaipur, Deogarh, Udaipur, Hyderabad and Mumbai, stay in grand hotels and palaces, and visit Asia’s largest spice market accompanied by a chef. India has such varied cuisines that Journeys Rediscovered also offers a culinary journey of southern India where you’ll learn Chettinad, Maratha and Hyderabadi cuisines. 

Visit Sri Lanka, one of Journeys Rediscovered’s favourite destinations, and enjoy a leopard safari at Leopard Trails in Wilpattu before travelling to the northernmost city of Jaffna to enjoy crab curry and Palmyra toddy shots. Cook with a fourth-generation resident of Galle’s Dutch fort and enjoy tea-infused delicacies at Ceylon Tea Trails.

Journeys Rediscovered has immersive culinary small-group journeys to destinations including India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Myanmar and Morocco. Visit for details of these and more destinations to come. What are you waiting for?


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