Summertime at Guildford’s by Kate Sears

You’ll discover Guildan Ozbek’s restaurant café two doors down from her flourishing other venture, Florist at Seaford. Guildford’s Restaurant Café encompasses Guildan’s passion for flowers and her rich Turkish background, which have combined to invent the perfect summer backdrop to your long-overdue catch-ups with friends and family over the summer holidays. 

After setting foot in the cafe, you’re transfixed as your embrace the Moroccan lamps, authentic evil eyes, Turkish patterns, bountiful flowers and relaxed sunny courtyard. Pull up a chair in the courtyard and share an antipasto platter with your nearest and dearest as you gossip over wines and cocktails on those balmy summer nights. 

Guildan and her partner Jon never tire of hearing that their customers have fallen in love with the décor and vibrant atmosphere at their 120-seat café. Guildford’s Restaurant Café has been labelled a ‘special place’ by their adoring customers, who insist that the area has simply needed something like this for years — and the couple delivered. 

Wander over from the Seaford beach after a day in the sun to enjoy a feast of dishes set to ignite your senses. It transpired that in having a Turkish background the couple have in turn given the dishes a striking balance of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine. 


A: 132 Nepean Highway, Seaford

T: 8774 6044

FB: Guildfords3198

INSTA: guildfords_restaurant_cafe