Garden designs take the cake By Kate Sears

Colin Hyett made a sweet change to his life after spending 12 years creating stunning wedding cakes and luscious pastries - he transitioned to designing eye-catching gardens and painting.

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“I was always passionate about gardens,” he says. “My grandmother had a 2ha garden in Shoreham and I’d spend much of my time as a teenager in the garden with her. She was very passionate and it inspired me.”

Colin describes his garden designs as a cross between the Mornington Peninsula and Palm Springs, California. Indigenous plants fill them, as well as drought-tolerant species such as cacti and succulents. He’s about to start restyling the gardens at the Enchanted Adventure Garden in Arthurs Seat.

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“It’s so rewarding to work with very different people and a diverse variety of houses. I don’t have a favourite project; however, my favourite aspect is dealing with such amazing clients. I enjoy it when they give me a brief of textures and colours and then let me take the reins and off we run. Just to create something that’s their own habitat to coexist in is amazing.”

In winter he escapes to Mount Buller and spends his time painting while his team manages his nursery back home. This also gives him creative space to finalise his garden designs in preparation to installing them come spring. After this year’s getaway he’ll hold an exhibition for the fourth year in a row.

For a chance to see Colin’s work first-hand, you’re invited to the Regional World’s Longest Lunch – Langwarrin South at La Serre on Friday, March 16, for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. It’s where artists, winemakers and foodies jump out of the box at Colin’s property of unparalleled magnificence, a purpose-built space for a garden party. For tickets, visit

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