Small business, big reward with VA by Liz Rogers

Let’s talk small business and how you can take yours from initial concept right through to financial and satisfaction guaranteed success.


The VA Group is a family owned and run accountancy service whose feet are firmly planted within the community and small business sector. With more than 50 years’ experience in all areas of accountancy and financial advisory applications, this forward-thinking group of experts is constantly striving to become the go-to company for progressive and motivated business owners.


Real financial planning is the key to longevity-based small business triumph. The VA Group forms solid partnerships with individuals to develop financial strategies for long-term success. It also has a proven track record of effective grassroots financial administration capabilities, which has led it to become a leader in small business financial management. 


You work hard. Contact the VA Group today so you can be guided through all aspects of small business financial planning and get your money working as hard as you do. 


It’s time.

A: 38/1 Hartnett Drive, Seaford
T: 1300 196 465