Harmonise life’s negative energies


Have you stopped to consider how 24/7 exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is affecting you and your family?

Experts tell us we are being bombarded by EMR from Wi-Fi and digital TVs, smart meters, microwave ovens, laptops and tablets, smart phones, smart watches, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors and more. Did you know there are devices that can help neutralise EMR and Earth Radiation and its potentially harmful effects?

Orgone Effects Australia, based in Frankston South, has been developing EMR harmonising products since its inception in 2000. Its extensive range of Orgonium™ products are in demand world-wide.

For protection on the go, Orgone Effects has a ‘Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer’, a ‘Car EMR Harmonizer’ and even an ‘Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer’!  For your home and workplace, the ‘Geoclense Home and Workplace Harmonizer’ offers the ultimate protection. There are pendants, bands, shoe insoles, yoga mats, an ‘Ener-Bear’ for children, an ionic wand and more.

Orgone Effects says its EMR harmonising products may help with headaches, fatigue, sleeping issues, negative emotional energy, discomfort and nausea, lethargy and more. Founder and Intuitive Building Biologist Gerard Bini also offers comprehensive on-site consultations and a short remote phone consultation using Google Earth to detect exactly what harmful EMF energies may be present in your home or workplace.

Choose Orgone Effects for yourself and your family or as a special gift for someone who deserves a healthier home and a healthier life.



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